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Take It brand was created by a dynamic team of people motivated by one goal: “Be the best in your field!” Take It is a liquid line that follows trends in the area of e-cigarettes in the whole world. We try to combine modernity with standards developed for years of operating in the liquid industry!

The basis for our success is an extremely diversified palette of aromas, among which everyone will find their favourite. Take It puts its cards above all on diversity. We have decided to change boring, identical, constantly repeated liquid flavours available on the market. The liquid line for e-cigarettes created by our company is characterized by variety of flavours, colours and aromas.

Our offer

Currently, our offer is composed of 21 types of taste liquids. To meet your expectations, we have decided to combine uncommon aromas and flavours. TakeIt does not fear challenges! By choosing our liquids you have the opportunity to try not only the best quality of fancifully combined fruit tastes, but also classic and well-known aromas. As the manufacturer of e-cigarette liquids our Customers can not only select the taste, but also the amount of nicotine in every taste version. Take It products in every taste version are available with the following nicotine content: 0 mg/ml, 3 mg/ml, 6 mg/ml, 12 mg/ml and 18 mg/ml. We are sure that the wide range of our products will make your choice easier.

Apart from unquestionable taste values, we guarantee our Customers the highest quality of products made by Take It. We know very well how important is to precisely weigh out tastes and aromas. That is why our liquids are produced using equipment of the highest class that are always watched over by qualified staff. Production of our liquids is based on several stages. Each of them is equally important and contributes to the success of our brand. The entire process ensures the highest quality of Take It liquids.

We focus on development

Take It is a brand which continues to develop! We searching for inspirations, follow trends, we are up-to-date!

Our offer keeps expanding and we continue to improve our products. We are also open to your suggestions! Our Customers’ suggestions are the most important to us!

The e-cigarettes market is evolving all the time. EXPRAN company analyzes trends from all over the world and gives you world-class products.

Check out our offer! Try every available taste, find your favourite! Take It liquids will let you transfer to a world where taste and smell play the leading role.

Try it, let us delight you!

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